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Individual protection of a specific person with his constant support is perhaps the most difficult task for any private security company. Specialists engaged in such work should have exceptional qualifications, and their company should not cause the ward to feel uncomfortable. This becomes especially important if the protection is not needed by an adult, but by a child, teenager or elderly person.

The group of security companies "Pharaon" guarantees its clients the maximum level of security. We will make sure that your bodyguard is replaced by a professional.

What does private security do?

Guard against any threats to a living person 24/7 - this job requires security guards to be attentive, focused, and able to quickly analyze the situation and instantly react to changing circumstances.

What functions does a bodyguard take on:

  • ensures comprehensive safety of the ward in any situation;
  • prevents unwanted contacts and interaction with suspicious people;
  • calculates possible risks in advance and informs the client about them;
  • gives recommendations on the organization of certain transfers, events, meetings.

Personal protection emphasizes the high status of the protected person. Here, the security service acts, among other things, as a deterrent: the constant presence of bodyguards alone discourages intruders from the desire to somehow harm the person being protected.

Often a security guard combines his duties with the work of a personal driver. In this case, he independently oversees the client's transportation to the destination and also monitors the safety of the car. This also applies to the risk of undermining the machine or its intentional decommissioning for the purpose of sabotage.

We are guarding the safety of the largest companies, strategic facilities and events with the participation of the first persons

Moremall, Sochi

This modern commercial complex was built in time for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Галерея, Краснодар

A first-class shopping mall in the heart of Krasnodar

Krylatsky Kholmy business park, Moscow

Five office buildings in this first-class business park, located in one of the cleanest areas in Moscow in terms of ecology


One of the largest car holdings in Russia. 81 modern car dealerships

TPS Nedvizhimost, Moscow

TPS Nedvizhimost builds, acquires and manages real estate


One of the largest furniture and home goods chains

World of tanks, Moscow

One of the world's largest publishers and developers in the free-to-play MMO games market

Rosneft, Sochi

Art Avia heliport in Sochi, Rosneft corporation

Peculiarities of working with the protection of physical persons

The life and health of the ward, ego peace and psychological comfort fall into the area of responsibility of a professional bodyguard. He can be responsible for the safety of both one client and the whole family.

The guard's mode of operation has different forms:

  • round-the-clock presence nearby;
  • protection only outside the home;
  • accompanying at business meetings, negotiations, on business trips.

One specialist or a whole team may be involved in personal protection. If changing conditions require it, we will provide additional reinforcement.
Each employee of the "Pharaon" agency has hand-to-hand combat skills and is in excellent physical shape. He handles firearms and has completed a course of special psychological training to work as a personal bodyguard. If necessary, we will replace the security guard on the next day, and in the event of an emergency - within an hour.

Contact our manager to familiarize yourself with all the services offered. We work in Moscow and the Moscow region, but we are ready to help you in other regions of Russia as well.
Find out more about the advantages of individual protection and how we can solve your security issues together.

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