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Public events are always a very complex and responsible project. Organizing and holding events of this level requires maximum commitment from the receiving party. And security issues occupy a special place here.

The security agency Pharaoh will provide a solid team of professionals so that your event will be in accordance with the program and nothing will interfere with your plans.

What security guards do

The work of the security service begins much earlier than the moment when the participants of the meeting begin to arrive. The PMC staff must fully check and take control of the facility, eliminating any external and internal threats.

Immediate event security includes:

  • checking guests against the guest list;
  • inspection of visitors for prohibited items (photo and video equipment, sound recording devices);
  • monitoring of the entire area - the main areas, offices, perimeter and parking;
  • monitoring the actions of guests and service personnel;
  • prevention and neutralization of conflict situations;
  • ensuring the confidentiality of what is going on;
  • checking delivery - flowers, gifts, treats.

Since large public events attract the attention of criminals and can be targeted by terrorists, guards must be extremely careful. The very possibility of all weapons, explosives, and dangerous substances being brought into the facility should be ruled out.

We are guarding the safety of the largest companies, strategic facilities and events with the participation of the first persons

Moremall, Sochi

This modern commercial complex was built in time for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Галерея, Краснодар

A first-class shopping mall in the heart of Krasnodar


Temryuk marine port, Gazpromservice

Krylatsky Kholmy business park, Moscow

Five office buildings in this first-class business park, located in one of the cleanest areas in Moscow in terms of ecology


One of the largest car holdings in Russia. 81 modern car dealerships

TPS Nedvizhimost, Moscow

TPS Nedvizhimost builds, acquires and manages real estate


One of the largest furniture and home goods chains

World of tanks, Moscow

One of the world's largest publishers and developers in the free-to-play MMO games market

Rosneft, Sochi

Art Avia heliport in Sochi, Rosneft corporation

Peculiarities of work at the event

To guarantee a high level of security, PMCs use their best reserves - professionals who have undergone the necessary combat and tactical training. No technique can replace experienced physical security at public events such as:

  • conferences, business meetings, public speeches;
  • exhibitions;
  • concerts;
  • banquets;
  • family and corporate celebrations;
  • children's parties;
  • sports competitions.

Any mass gatherings of people may be of interest to dangerous individuals - excessively conflictual, outright aggressive, drunk or even mentally ill, who are not responsible for their actions. Security must maintain order, quickly assessing risks and reacting immediately to threats.

The Pharaoh Group of Companies has many events of various levels on its account. Check our prices and terms of cooperation to close all problematic places in advance. Entrust security of the planned event to a professional security service and we guarantee that everything will go according to the approved scenario.

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