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The issue of the inviolability of private property is very painful for the inhabitants of Russia. Intruders are not stopped by either a high fence or an armored door. The most effective tool for protecting property and the right to privacy remains the hiring of security guards from private security companies.

The Pharaoh group of companies provides similar services in Moscow and the Moscow region. We are ready to cooperate in other regions of Russia - just fill out an application, and our specialists will select professionals to solve your problem.

What does security do

The main task in the integrated security of private property is the strict suppression of access to the territory of third parties. No person without the knowledge and permission of the owners should not get inside.

What does the protection of private property include:

  • full coverage of the perimeter with the involvement of technical means - video monitoring, motion sensors, alarms;
  • organization of access control with strict consideration of all movements and visitors;
  • patrolling with regular route changes;
  • inspection of vehicles;
  • Resisting an attack.

The security service can face both a petty thief and a planned armed raid of an entire criminal group. Only an experienced and well-trained security guard can handle any challenge equally effectively.

We are guarding the safety of the largest companies, strategic facilities and events with the participation of the first persons

Moremall, Sochi

This modern commercial complex was built in time for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Галерея, Краснодар

A first-class shopping mall in the heart of Krasnodar

Krylatsky Kholmy business park, Moscow

Five office buildings in this first-class business park, located in one of the cleanest areas in Moscow in terms of ecology


One of the largest car holdings in Russia. 81 modern car dealerships

TPS Nedvizhimost, Moscow

TPS Nedvizhimost builds, acquires and manages real estate


One of the largest furniture and home goods chains

World of tanks, Moscow

One of the world's largest publishers and developers in the free-to-play MMO games market

Rosneft, Sochi

Art Avia heliport in Sochi, Rosneft corporation

Features of work

Protection of property objects implies a very wide area of responsibility. Both the property located in the entrusted territory and the peace, health and even life of the owners, their guests and hired personnel will be protected.

What threats does the security counter?

  • robbery of an apartment or house;
  • invasion of privacy;
  • property damage and vandalism;
  • attempted intimidation;
  • kidnapping

To ensure the maximum level of security for any property, you only need to conclude an agreement with the Pharaoh security agency. We will provide a team of professional security guards and develop an optimal territory coverage strategy for your case.

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