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Industrial plants must be guarded according to the latest safety standards. Plants and factories have an increased likelihood of injury due to irresponsible or inattentive people.

In order not to worry about the safety of materials and health of workers in production, you need to contact our agency "Pharaoh". We will ensure complete safety on the territory of the plant or other production facilities.

Security guards are constantly on duty at designated locations, checking the video surveillance systems. Regularly they go round the territory and the perimeter to detect and prevent any unusual situations. Employees of PSA Pharaoh are trained in tactics of hand-to-hand fighting and are proficient in firing different types of fire arms. One of the key skills in protecting industrial facilities is first aid in traumatizing situations.

What the security service of an industrial facility does

Protecting the plant requires a high level of training and attention of the employees on duty. But you can be sure of the quality of our work, because all guards undergo mandatory professional certification every year. We carefully select our personnel and only bring out confident professionals.

Plant security prevents emergencies at the production site:

  1. Drainage of fuel from working vehicles, which leads to additional financial costs for the organization.
  2. The use of machines and special equipment for personal purposes during working hours. This reduces labor productivity and the profitability of production. If the product is waiting for the customer, the delay undermines his confidence, the business will "die".
  3. Employees coming to work under the influence of alcohol. This leads to occupational injuries of varying severity, which are the responsibility of the bosses. Sick days are paid from the company's budget, losing money and factory productivity.
  4. Entering the territory by unauthorized persons. Such a risk is always of concern to management. To prevent the situation, outdoor video surveillance cameras are installed, but sometimes they are not enough and require prompt physical intervention.
  5. Theft on any scale. In addition to causing financial damage to the company, the company loses the trust of its customers because of the goods on sale bypassing the official dealer.

These situations are prevented by our professional employees. Their experience and attentiveness are a guarantee of your safety!
Any unlawful actions by third parties on the premises will be stopped. And those noticed in the theft are immediately removed from the workplace and sent to the handlers for further decision.

We are guarding the safety of the largest companies, strategic facilities and events with the participation of the first persons

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Peculiarities of protection of plants and factories

The security of industrial facilities is fundamentally different from that of financial institutions, shopping malls and service industries. At high-value facilities, special care must be taken, as such enterprises are more likely to become victims of terrorist attacks. But by contacting a private security organization "Pharaoh", you can be calm and confident in the complete protection of the factory.
At the special site are sent from 5 employees of our service, because we need to protect a large area and several sectors:

  • A checkpoint at the entrance to the organization. At this point it is important to control all passing persons.
    It is recommended that 2 people be hired for this position.
  • Storage room, a place to store materials and supplies.
  • The production sector itself.

Pharaoh Group of Security Companies provides high-quality full-fledged physical protection of production facilities of any complexity. We work in Moscow and other regions of the country.

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