Congratulations on the day of the employee of the licensing and permitting work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs!

Throughout the rise and development of a free democratic Russian state, licensing of firearms and explosives has always been an efficient form of law enforcement, which contributed to maintaining public order in the country. 
Nowadays the licensing and permitting units and units of private investigation and security activities control have a significant number of tasks, the most important of those being forfeit of illicit firearms and munition, prevention of crimes committed using firearms, prevention of service and civil guns trafficking, prevention of crimes in firearms industry and private investigation, electronic service and civil gun control.
With the benefit of tradition and experience, the personnel of the service are conscientious in discharging their duties during the reform of internal affairs bodies. The high standard of professionalism, fidelity to duty, focus and experience allow for effective and sustainable public order and security in the country.

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