Shopping and entertainment center "Mandarin", Adler under the protection of "Pharaoh Group"

"MANDARIN" - A NEW PHILOSOPHY OF RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT. The shopping and entertainment center "Mandarin" is located in the Adler district of Sochi, on the Black Sea coast at the mouth of the Mzymta River, at the intersection of Bestuzheva and Internatsionalnaya streets. Open and barrier-free space, organically fitting into the urban architecture, allows you to fully enjoy the unique climate and the beauty of landscapes in the process of recreation, entertainment and shopping. Nine buildings and a 37-meter observation tower united by a single architectural style and a spectacular landscape with cozy streets and squares, pedestrian bridges and summer terraces. Exits from the territory of the complex to the embankment and the beaches of the Black Sea. Round-the-clock access to the territory of the shopping and entertainment center. Round the clock security. Convenient layout for unhindered movement of people with limited mobility. Use of exclusively natural materials in the construction process. Shopping and entertainment center "Mandarin" under the protection of "Pharaoh Group"



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