Detention officers GK Pharaoh criminals in Adidas store

Security officers and shoplifters fighting over Adidas pants in a shopping mall
On August 2nd four shoplifters were detected in an Adidas store in one of the shopping centres in Novye Cheryomushki in the South-West of Moscow. After walking around the racks for a long time, they took the clothes and tried to exit the store without paying.
The suspicious gang was stopped by the security from Pharaoh GC who asked them to show the contents of their bags. Ignoring the request, the shoplifters tried to escape but were stopped. A fight followed, with the security officers taking over. A witness told Life that the shoplifters were apprehended and the stolen goods were found in a booster bag.
The criminals suspected of stealing Adidas pants were handed over to the police and delivered to the police station for further proceedings. 

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