Detention in Krasnodar

Organized criminal group detained in Krasnodar by Pharaoh GC and the police

A twisted crime story worth turning into a movie took place in Krasnodar. This is how the events unfolded. A large shopping centre. A well-known clothing brand store. Tough guys from Pharaoh GC stand out in the crowd. One of them, Serghey V., was approached by a guy in his mid-twenties who wanted to know how to get a job in the company because he had just arrived to the city and needed one badly. The security officer gave the guy his and his boss’s phone numbers. Late at night he got a call from the potential colleague who offered to meet and discuss a business proposal.

They met in one of the cafes in Red Square shopping centre before Serghey’s shift. The candidate for the job took a friend to this meeting, which immediately took a criminal turn.

The officer was offered 100,000 roubles for turning a blind eye to the actions of a group of ladies in the store under his surveillance. Serghey refused and informed his seniors right away. Chief of security of a store chain decided to tighten security and draw attention to a possible episode of shoplifting.

However, the criminals were hard to stop. They tried to win the officer over by offering him big money – Serghey and other officers involved could get their monthly pay in half an hour. In the end the heads of the security organization and the store’s security decided to inform the police before the criminals switch over to another store. Together they decided to catch the shoplifters in the act.

At a set time four ladies with large bags walked into the store. Criminal investigation officers detected two cars at the shopping centre parking lot. These cars, used by the criminals to get to the crime scene, were re-parked four times in half an hour in order to monitor what was going on. The accomplices were in touch with each other, and when the whole gang tried to escape, the police and security personnel seized the criminals. The averted loss: a few items of brand-name clothing worth 400,000 roubles.

As it turned out, Krasnodar was not the only target, with similar crimes committed in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Only in the capital the loss was about a million roubles. The suspects were arrested. This remains an ongoing investigation.

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