Criminal apprehension in Europolis Shopping Centre

Two criminals caught by employees of Pharaoh GC in Europolis Shopping Centre in Saint Petersburg

 On Wednesday afternoon employees of Pharaoh GC caught two young men who stole a large number of brand clothes in Europolis Shopping Centre in Polustrovsky Avenue in Saint Petersburg. The third criminal used a car to escape with a part of stolen goods.

 “We received information about a criminal group involved in stealing brand clothing from a store chain. We worked out an operation plan together with the police. Unfortunately, one of the criminals managed to escape. During the apprehension, they tried to resist the police and the officers of Pharaoh GC”, told Vladimir Artemov, head of security service.

 According to Artemov, the group operates not only in Saint Petersburg, but also in other Russian cities. The security officers believe the clothes are sold online or in the markets.

 The total damage has not yet been calculated as a full inventory of the store is needed. The detained criminals will be delivered to a local police office. 


Foto: © L!FE 

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